Monday, October 31, 2011

Laughing My Ass Off In Budapest

I love it when you arrive at a hostel and the first thing that happens is a pub crawl, dragging along anybody who speaks more than 2 words of English. Last week I was the "dragger", as I'd been in this city before and I know some of the coolest bars. 2 English guys (let's call them "Dom" and "Mike") and I have been having much needed laugh-a-minute experience, drinking 1litre beers that cost just over a pound, and exploring the Ruin Bars of Budapest and rocking out to Tenacious D and Metallica. I'm 32 but I have to admit I've been reliving my teenage years (except I'm not quite as skint as I was back then).

The t-shirt printing business has been very quiet this past week, saved only by a huge order placed by a university society in Aberdeen. The job came as a result of a page I created on the website some time ago entitled "T-Shirt Printing Aberdeen", aimed at attracting customers in that area. Well, it certainly paid off some 12 months or so later. I'll have to do some more pages like that for other towns.

Other than that, today I am focusing on Facebook marketing, creating accounts optimized for different towns and trying to get around Facebook's spam detection features.